Haute Sauce Carts | Live Resin


Haute Sauce Carts | Live Resin is finally here!!

We have just stocked Haute Sauce Carts | Live Resin !!! Discover what all the rage is about! This new brand of THC cartridges comes with high quality live resin in it. Each savory hit has an amazing live resin flavor and potent distillate. First and foremost, you would taste it on inhale and the potency will have you medicated and relaxed immediately. Each cart comes in a nicely designed gift box. Haute Sauce Carts come in many great tasting flavors from Goji Berry to Jack Herer. Try out these carts today and you won’t disappointed! Great tasting and highly potent and clean. What more could you ask for?

Flavors available:

  • Chem Dawg
  • Goji Cake
  • Jack Herrer
  • Animal Cookies
  • Sour Tangie
  • Durban Poison

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